"George Hitchcock always has been and always will be 
the editor of Kayak."
  (Agni 1974)

                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Gary Griggs

           George Hitchcock and other area poets outside Cooperhouse, Santa Cruz, CA

                    The windows, left to right:   Steve Levine, Victor Perera, James B. Hall, T. Mike Walker, 
                    Peter Beagle, Robert Lundquist, Morton Marcus, Anne Steinhardt, James D. Houston. 
                    Standing from left:  William Everson, Mason Smith; 
                    Seated from left:   John Deck, Lou Matthews, Nels Hanson, George Hitchcock.


George Hitchcock in 1962 beside a poem by his love and life companion, poet Marjorie Simon, 2011.  Published in ViVACE 2 in their tribute to George Hithcock, Christine Neilson, Editor.  (Available through Amazon.)  

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