Event Photos 
(Photo credits mainly to Jim Hair)

Left to Right:
Front Row, Bottom:  Mark Jarman, Willis Barnstone, Marjorie Simon, Aliki Barnstone, Amy Holman, Liz Wiley
Middle Row: Gary Young, Hannelore Royston, Michael Basinski, Vagadu Varda
Top Row: Joui Turandot (Varda), Joseph Bednarik, William Harmon, Nancy Willard, Robert McDowell, Albert Goldbarth, Tom Finkel, Patty McDowell Aakhus, Stephen Hitchcock
Above: William Harmon responding during morning panels.
Middle: Nancy Willard signs an autograph.
Bottom: Richard Newman, Editor of River Styx, during the Editor's Panel discussion.
Childhood friends Stephen Hitchcock (George Hitchcock's son) and Vagadu Varda (Jean Varda's daughter) beside George Hitchcock's portfolio of his good friend Jean Varda's artwork.  We were sorry to hear of the passing of Vagadu Varda in 2014 and grateful for her gentle presence at the event.
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